What is the motive behind this shockingly annoying decision by Youtube? [on hold]

I am trying to understand what motives a multi-billion dollar platform, that employs thousands of smart people to perfect its services, might have to make the decision to completely and utterly destroy the user experience.

I am talking about this stuff:

enter image description here

I’m trying to watch a goal by Messi. The video is 1 minute and 10 seconds long. We are at the 49th second now, and the video is literally blocking me from watching the goal.

What in the world is this? How can such an atrocious decision even be made, from any sort of logical standpoint? Why is Youtube preventing me from watching their own videos? Why are they intentionally making their own product worse?

It’s one thing if there was some button that I could click that said “tired of having your video blocked? Click here and pay some money and you’ll be rid of it!“… I mean, that would be a douchy move, but it would at least make some sense. But they don’t even do that, they literally just made their product worse without giving me an ability to change it.