What is the reason to use the Heal skill assuming that other means of healing are not prohibited?

Reading the description of the Heal skill in Pathfinder and comparing its outcomes to other ways of healing, such as wands, channel positive energy etc., I have found that skill useless. The only benefit seems to be a relatively low to non-existent cost per use and unlimited amount of uses per day.

For a party of adventurers, this seems quite useless due to the amount of time spent to achieve certain results — the adventurers don’t have unlimited time. But, being new to the system, I want to hear if there is something beyond my current level of understanding.

Does the Heal skill have any real benefit over magical methods of healing?

This question has attracted many answers based on what is essentially a house rule:

  • Wealth by level being severely cut, even compared to the “low fantasy” threshold
  • The Heal skill being able to solve more problems than listed in the book
  • Access to magic items being drastically cut
  • Etc.

Such answers might be OK and might propose interesting house rules, but please, tell that your answer is based on a house rule if it is! Many of those rules turn Pathfinder in an entirely different game with a completely different balance.