What is the status of the nation of Chondath in the Forgotten Realms of 5th Edition D&D?

The 4th Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide indicates that Chondath was among the lands "most changed by the Spellplague" (p. 50), inasmuch as the entire nation was "obliterated" (p. 100) in the violent merging of Abeir with Toril. "[T]he strip of land formerly called Chondath" was either subsumed into the Abeiran realm of Akanûl (p. 86) — now littered with "[t]he shattered ruins of Chondathan cities" (p. 90) — or else became part of a frontier called the Vilhon Wilds (p. 193).

All of that happened in the late 14th century DR, with 4th Edition officially starting in 1479 DR (see FRCG p. 40).

Starting in the 1480s, the Second Sundering separated Abeir and Toril once more, and 5th Edition is set circa 1489 DR.

Popular opinion seems to hold (not without evidence, granted) that 5e was intended to roll back some of 4E’s more drastic lore changes, leaving the state of the world roughly compatible with pre-4E lore. However, even with Akanûl returned to Abeir, the ten-year stretch between 1479 and 1489 seems awfully short for Chondath to have been rebuilt from blasted ruins into the functioning nation it was before 4E.

Mysteriously, the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide mentions various other nations around the Sea of Fallen Stars, such as Aglarond, Chessenta, Impiltur, and Thesk, (see p. 11-13), yet there is no mention of Chondath.

Is there any available information on the state of Chondath as of 1489?