What is the status of the nation of Tashalar in 5e Forgotten Realms

As far as I understand, the Chultan Peninsula became an island for a time during 4e, and after the Second Sundering the regions around the Mhair Jungle were restored. Tashalar, an established and prosperous nation on the peninsula, was described in earlier editions (2 and 3 if I’m not mistaken), then presumably disappeared in 4th.

In 5th edition several neighboring nations on the Peninsula are mentioned in passing in the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide (p.10)

Eastward along the Chultan peninsula lie the remains of Thindol and Samarach. Despite the apparent fall of both civilizations, Thindol remains infested with yuan-ti, while the illusions cloaking Samarach’s mountain passes conceal the activities in that nation.

I’ve yet to find any reference to the current state of Tashalar, aside from a mention in the Forgotten Realms Style Guide under the heading "Don’t Whitewash the Realms"

The Forgotten Realms is a huge world with many earth analogs. Turmish, Tashluta, and Chult provide sources of humans with black skin and features.

(Curiously, as far as I can see in previous editions Tashluta was a city in Tashalar, and not a nationality or a region)

Is there any canonical reference to the current state of Tashalar in 5e?

I’m exploring basing an adventure to be published on DMs Guild in the region, so I’d like to avoid contradicting anything published. I’ve seen the Forgotten Realms Wiki entry and the Realmshelp listing, but as far as I can tell both refer to earlier editions of the game.