What is this RPGA world/campaign design contest winner (ca. 2006?) I remember?

More than a decade ago, my best friend had an online subscription to various D&D materials. When he was back home visiting, he let me spend a few hours exploring this treasure trove. From what I can remember, there were fully indexed, digital versions of the current rule books. There were Q&A and discussion fora as well as online campaign settings somewhat like much older/slower play-by-mail. One of the campaign worlds I was particularly impressed with there was essentially a water world, where adventures took place on the high seas between islands and underwater in the deep.

What struck me the most, though, was the world design contest winner from an RPGA network contest that I had found in the campaign settings. As I recall, it was set on a world where the great heroes had just failed to prevent the invasion of some extra-planar entities that meant to take total control. Completely blown away by the unusual concept of the starting point, I had noted the name of this world and campaign setting but lost it over the years. My friend could not remember it and no longer had his subscription. I would very much like to relearn the name of this world and get more details about it as a campaign setting. Any assistance is much appreciated.