What patron would best suit a warlock who struck a pact to get vengeance?

The character concept I came up with is a warlock who struck a deal with her patron after the murder of her father and now her sole purpose is finding out who killed him and exacting her vengeance upon them.

If it helps envision what I have in mind I got the idea from the song Blood Red Roses by C21FX

Specifically these lyrics

A wretch hellbound and bent on blood


Toil begat by father’s blood

This path was laid before her

Redemption born by brigand’s blood

A blight upon the darkness

The pact embraced, a road unsought

The Maiden of Death won’t be unwrought


Vengeance is her only ward

Beware the blood red rose’s thorn

I was listening to the song and the idea struck me to make a character based on it but I’m not sure what patron would be the best for her.