What rule system handles fully automatic firearms the best?

I know it is a subjective matter, so let me specify a bit:

  • Full automatic fire encompasses all modern and future firearms with some form of recoil (lasers out of scope)
  • The attacker is sending multiple projectiles downrange. This includes 3 round burst, long burst, suppressive fire, etc
  • the focus is on infantry sized weapons. The combat dynamics of i.e. fighter jets is so much different it makes no sense to try to squeeze them in under the same set of rules

How I define good:

  • it encourages cooperation it the team. Covering fire, bounded overwatch, etc. are the primary tools of small unit tactics
  • it is reasonably elegant. Rolling a skill check for all the bullets in a 30 round burst is too complicated, but some extra rolls or bookkeeping is acceptable
  • it captures the key compromises an infantryman should consider (i.e. long burst makes no sense on a longer range, but devastating from up close), but not all the physical factors of muzzle rise, recoil, etc