What steps can I do if I know that someone[Goverment, Special agents,..etc] is spying on me?

if I know someone is trying to spying on me, and he/they tracking me on both online and reality, what steps can I do to neutralize the risk? keep in mind, that I’m a normal person with limited resources.

these steps comes in mind:

  1. Setup & use a self-hosted VPN service(to prevent ISP as Man-in-The-Middle and prevent DNS Leaks), on trusted hosting provider.
  2. Encrypt all my emails with PGP keys, and make sure that the usage of PGP keys is the default.
  3. Secure login to all chat apps, with Password/Fingerprint.
  4. Encrypt the full disk of my computer.

in general, I think of:

  1. Securing the communication on the internet (using VPN, fake identity, PGP Keys..etc).
  2. Securing the data on devices by encryption, and add authentication layers.

is there something more I miss?