What strategy should I use to sovle this interview problem? May I apply DP on this?

The problem description is as below and it feels like a DP problem but I am not sure, thank you for helping!

You have a certain dose of a drug, say, 200 milliliters, and now some patients need this drug. The doses for each patient may vary from person to person, for example, 2.5 milliliters for A, B, C, 5 milliliters for D, E, and 7 milliliters for F, and so on. The question is, in short, how can you allocate the drugs so that you have the least amount of drugs left? Example input: total drug dose 10 (milliliters). A needs 3, B needs 5, C needs 2, D needs 4, E needs 2. Output: A, B, C or A, B, E (perfect allocation with no drugs left). Note: there may be decimals.

You are welcome to give any hints or mature solutions to the question, or you can ask for more details about it.