What to do when I’m forced to make battle decisions by other players?

I’ve been playing a campaign of DnD that has been quite fun thus far. There has however been few instances in battles where I feel like I’m being forced to make some unoptimal moves in battle by the rest of the PC group. For example me being coerced into "tanking" in a narrow hallway, when I would’ve rather drawn the group of enemies to us, ultimately saving us from a lot of damage. The thing is, these moves I’m forced into aren’t usually "obviously dumb", and would usually require some explaining why I would rather do it in another way (and the reason for my own tactics are based more on my personal experiences playing a lot of TRPG games.)

I usually tend to buckle because trying to explain my thoughts feels like it’s wasting time, and against several people it already feels discouraging to defend your stance (nevermind my tanking usually happens in Wild Shape since I play a druid character, so I can’t even speak in-game anyway). We’re also talking about tactics for the fight-wholesale, I’m not usually micromanaged on individual actions.

But I would be lying if it didn’t frustrate me be made to do less than ideal things, especially since the campaign we’re playing is generally seen as though.

How to deal with this? Should I just "go with the flow" of the rest of the party even when I don’t feel like it’s the best choice to speed the game along, or at least try to dig my heels a bit? If talking to the DM is the right choice, what should I say?