What Universities Do Recruiters Look At? [closed]

TLDR; Is a Cyber Security or MIS degree more valued in the Information Security field, and what public universities do companies like to recruit interns/graduates from the most?

Hello, I’m getting ready to decide on my college major, and I’m struggling to figure out exactly what the best pick for college and major is. I’ve been debating between a major in Cyber Security (University of Texas at San Antonio).and Management Information Systems (University of Arizona #2 ranked MIS for public universities, or possibly University of Texas at Austin #1 among public universities(I haven’t received my acceptance/deny letter yet)). My choices between those 2 are primarily because of rankings of those schools’ programs and the amount of scholarship money I’m receiving. I hope to pursue a career ranging from from Information Security (technical aspect) to managing Information Security teams. I guess my main question is: Which option would offer me better job/internship opportunities? Which of these is seen as a more prestigious University that recruiters are the first to look at? Also, which jobs are ideal for each job along with which pays more?