What weapon training is required to fire ship weapons?

When fighting against other ships, you must make a Ballistic Skill test to shoot your ship’s weapons. Do these weapons require any sort of training? None of the “Weapon training skills” mention anything about Starship weapons, and those weapons don’t fall under any category.

One of the examples in the combat section says,

The Sabre has closed in on an enemy raider, and is preparing to fire. The Sabre’s gunner directs the fire of the ship’s macrobattery and lance against the raider. The gunner’s Ballistic Skill is 48, and the ship is at Close Range, giving a further +10. He fires the Sabre’s macrobattery first, and rolls a 29. He has hit successfully with two degrees of success, meaning a total of three hits. The raider’s void shields absorb the first hit, but the other two strike home. The gunner rolls 2d10, and gets a 16, beating the raider’s Armour value of 15 by one. The raider then takes one point of damage to its Hull Integrity. The gunner then fires the lance, making a Ballistic Skill test against the total of 58. He rolls an 11. Not only is this a hit, but it also four degrees of success, enough to meet the lance’s Crit Rating. A mighty blow! The unfortunate raider’s void shields are already down from the macrobattery, and the lance strikes home unimpeded. The gunner rolls 1d10+4 (the lance’s Damage) and gets a 9. Because the raider’s armour is ignored due to the nature of lance weapons, the raider will take 9 points of damage to its Hull Integrity. If that wasn’t bad enough, the gunner rolls 1d5 for the Critical Hit and gets a 5, lighting the poor raider on fire!

This can either mean that you may use your raw Ballistic Skill, without needing additional skills or talents, or that the player in this example does have this skill or talent, and therefore uses his Ballistic Skill without penalties.

To me it would be very weird that if someone has good aim, that makes him a good ship weapon user, since they are very different actions ingame (if some random mercenary sniper that has never stepped on a starship is good at firing his rifle, that means he can direct a starship crew to shoot salvos of massive broadside weapons?)