What’s a good build for a goliath sniper in Dragonlance?

I’m new to dnd-3.5e, and I’d like my PC to be a goliath sniper. I’d like to optimize my PC for dealing damage at long range. Spotting things far away and being able to hide I assume are kind of important for a sniper, but I’m not familiar enough with the rules yet to be sure. I’m currently gravitating toward the prestige class cragtop archer and employing a composite greatbow, but these can be changed.

The campaign uses the Dragonlance campaign setting, and I’m allowed to have a PC that uses material from the core rules, the Complete books, the Miniatures Handbook, the Player’s Handbook II, and Races of Stone. I might be able to talk the DM into allowing me to use other books, but the fewer the better.

The campaign uses 32 point buy for ability scores, and has—I think—standard wealth by level. My PC will enter play at level 13. Since the party’s ultimate goal is Tiamat’s death, we’ll probably be playing for a while, so a long-term strategy is okay.

In regards to range, according to the fellow players that I’ll be joining, there was a rarity of small dungeons, and an abundance of open spaces, so I expect that I’ll have lots of opportunities for long range, but having some backup just in case I do get sent to a confined space would be a good thing as well.

Advice concerning equipment would be awesome as well, thinking about it. Speaking of which, I’ve been informed that weapon damage enchantments on ranged weapons are to have limited uses per day.