What’s the deal with readying a swift action?

From Combat

  1. Readying an action is a Standard Action
  2. You can ready a Swift Action.
  3. Interrupting someone with your readied action places your initiative just ahead of that person for the next round.
  4. You cannot perform more than one Swift Action per turn.

What constitutes a turn ending, for the purposes of item 4? If I ready an action, is my turn considered finished once the next person in initiative begins to act, or is my turn considered "in progress" until I resolve my readied action?

Could I, for instance, perform a swift action, optionally perform a move action, and ready a swift action (which itself is a standard action) on my "turn", with the trigger for the readied action being, "When the next person in initiative performs an action," thus keeping my place in initiative once I perform the readied action?