What’s the meaning of linguistics?

In the programming language theory world, there are two important terminologies, i.e syntax, and semantics.

I can understand these two terminologies:

syntax is about sentence’s structure (e.g. a valid sentence by some grammar)

semantics is about sentence’s meaning (e.g. operational semantics, denotational semantics, etc)

But recently the third word appeared in some PL papers i.e. linguistics, although it is very rare.

What’s the meaning of linguistics?

What’s the relationship between linguistics and syntax/semantics ?


PS: I’m sorry, I don’t know whether it’s suitable to post this question here, because my vision is very narrow…

The following are some PL papers that used this term:



Note that this is not a temporary question. The word "linguistic(s)" is not just appeared in these two papers. It also appeared in other papers, but I can’t remember all (sorry). Failure to understand the "linguistic(s)" does not affect the understanding of the paper. I am just curious about the meaning of the "linguistic(s)".