What’s the name of the AD&D module with the parasitic worms in the rubble?

I’m trying to remember a module, AD&D I’m fairly certain. They had a listing of rooms and what was there. A few of the rooms had rubble in them which could be searched for treasure with one of them instead hiding a cache of parasitic worms in the rubble which would attack any searching PCs (presumably to discourage Always Check Behind The Chair) with the mild twist that, after the worms were defeated, a second search found some valuable treasure (jewelry, I think). Anyone familiar with this module?

After looking at the listed answers, it sparked a bit of memory. The rooms being listed were along a corridor. It’s the weirdest thing, but my memory is that it’s a rough rock corridor, but it was houses on either side that were available to search. That suggests to me it was either a canyon or somewhere underground. They were dilapidated, but I am not certain if it was due to simple disrepair or if it was due to an earthquake.

While trying to trace down a vague memory of Boggles, I found the Secret of the Slaver Stockade module, but it does not seem to quite match up. There is a bit of rubble with vipers, but no double bluff with the second search finding treasure. That and it just doesn’t have that same feeling as the memory of something wormlike burrowing into the questing adventurers.