What’s the target number when you don’t have a relevant focus? (Expanse)

How much does the target number go up if a PC doesn’t have a relevant focus? The rules mention that the GM decides if they’re allowed to roll at all, but doesn’t mention target number.

The example in the book (p102) has Miller investigating a martial arts dojo:

  • If he has the primary focus of Communication (Persuasion), the TN is standard. Let’s say that’s a TN of 11.
  • If he doesn’t have the primary focus, but has a tangential focus, such as Communication (Bargaining) or Communication (Deception) or Fighting (Brawling), then the TN is +2. So that makes the TN 13.
  • If he has the Improvisation Talent (p53) he can do things as if he always has the tangential focus, so TN 13 again.

Is the TN still 13 if he has no tangential focuses (foci) and doesn’t have Improvisation?