Where and how to connect to external API in my service class?

In my service class I would like to connect to external API. Where and how should I do it?

1) Inject in constructor ExternalClass and assign to private property. Next in other property in constructor call connect.

public MyClass(ExternalApi externalApi) {     this.externalApi = externalApi;     this.ExternalApiConnect externalApiConnect = externalApi.connect; }      public void firstMethod() {    externalApiConnect.first(); }  public void secondMethod() {    externalApiConnect.second(); } 

2) Outside constructor, so if I build dependencies in DI, then I don’t call connection to external service.

private ExternalApiConnect externalApiConnect;  public MyClass(ExternalApi externalApi) {     this.externalApi = externalApi;  }      public void firstMethod() {    if (externalApiConnect == null) {         externalApiConnect = externalApi.connect;    }    externalApiConnect.first(); }  public void secondMethod() {    if (externalApiConnect == null) {         externalApiConnect = externalApi.connect;    }    externalApiConnect.second(); } 

But now I have two repetitions and I have state in my service class. I don’t think the state should be in service class?

How is the best way for this?