Where do the Bête stand on LGBT issues?

In a recent Werewolf session, our GM had us meet an informant in a gay club, and it raised an issue we never really explored before in this game. Our group of players is composed of people close to the LGBT movement, so it was possibly a little catering, but it made us consider where our characters stand on LGBT topics.

While each player has the rights to dictate where their specific character stands on the topic, it also raised the question of where the Tribes and Fera stand on the topic. That’s one we couldn’t decide, and that’s the focus of this question.

Of course, each of the Tribes is different, all of them have their flavor, and the Fera differ quite a lot from that too, which makes this quite a large mass of books to sift through.

Where do the Tribebooks/Breedbooks1 address LGBT topics, and what is the general standing that can be condensed from these texts? Please provide page numbers for reference. Books from any edition that can provide information are welcome.

Please note I’m not looking for personal interpretations of what you think the Tribes and Fera stances would be, and I’m especially not looking for people’s personal stance. The question is only what the books describe as the stances of the various groups.

1 – as it came up: Any WtA source is allowable, including the MET variants. I phrased it like this, as these two type of books are the two most logical starting points for this quest. The various Player Guides might also be an excellent source.