Where on the plane does a creature ejected from demiplane go?

The spell Create Demiplane states that "As a standard action, you may eject a creature from your demiplane. […] An ejected creature goes to the closest plane to your demiplane (usually the Astral Plane or the Ethereal Plane, but if you cast this spell on the Material Plane, the creature is sent to the Material Plane)"

The spell however does not specify where on the plane. I personally see 3 options:

  • The creature gets ejected to the place where the "Create Demiplane" spell was cast, this would be supported by the fact that the plane of ejection is tied to the plane of creation
  • The creature gets ejected to the place where it was before entering into the demiplane, this however would go against the rules if the demiplane was created on the Material but the creature came from somewhere else
  • The creature gets ejected to a random place in the destination plane, but in my opinion this option would have been openly specified, possibly with a "mishap" table

Has there been any clarification on this or is there some rule I missed to clear this out?