Which Good Forgotten Realms gods accept the use of necromancy?

I just started learning D&D and my Dwarven Healer (Cleric of the Revered mother) has to pick from among a list of spells. These include necromantic spells, such as Inflict Wounds, which I don’t intend to pick.

However, I noticed D&D does not have any kind of “evil” tag for spells. Furthermore the Player’s Handbook states necromancy is not evil, though taboo in many societies.

So I ask myself, which Lawful Good gods would allow their servants to use necromancy for a noble end? Such as raising noble comrades with their prior consent, to crush an ork army. Which (neutral or chaotic) Good gods would?

The Question gains further urgency by the fact, that I will automatically learn the spell “Raise Dead” at level 9 as a Life Domain Spell!