Which is the best URL structure for Targeting Multiple city keywords (keyword also included in domain name)?

Suppose I have keyword in Domain Name (exampleseo.com here SEO is the keyword) and I want to rank my website on following keywords “SEO Company in Delhi / SEO Agency in Delhi / SEO Service in Delhi / SEO Consultancy in Delhi” .

Here Delhi change with City Name like Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Noida etc. I have Multiple city options in my website.

Which is the best URL Structure?

  1. exampleseo.com/location/delhi

  2. exampleseo.com/delhi

  3. exampleseo.com/seo-delhi

  4. exampleseo.com/delhi-seo

  5. exampleseo.com/seo-company-delhi

  6. exampleseo.com/seo-agency-delhi
  7. exampleseo.com/seo-service-delhi
  8. exampleseo.com/seo-consultancy-delhi