Which published campaigns that melds d&d and paranoia was my DM talking about? [closed]

Years ago I was a player in a game that started as a really intense high action d&d one shot and then within about an hour we learnt that we where in a simulation designed to help us function better as a trouble shooter team.

The effect was made even better by the fact none of us knew we where getting into a paranoia one shot. At the time the GM said he had taken the idea from a published campaign but I can’t find what that might have been.

I know that there is an old adventure Alice through the mirror shades that melds together Paranoia and Cyberpunk. Is there anything similar for d&d or any other role play system? If not has anyone ever tried doing something like this and have any suggestions. I will say our group loves it when I throw together a paranoia adventure for them. My printer not so much, so many forms to print off.