Which superhero RPG system is this quote about?

Many years ago, someone shared the following anecdote about a superhero RPG system. (I’ve paraphrased considerably since I don’t remember the exact text.)

Attempts to do weird things to a character, like polymorph them or glue them to a building or send them to the Dream Realms, are modeled using damage. Your turn-into-a-frog power might deal ‘frog damage’, and if a character takes more frog damage than their current hit points, they get turned into a frog. The rationale is that using a debilitating effect on a character should be approximately as difficult as defeating them.

We’ve had some questions recently about "called shots" in D&D contexts, and the existing called-shot systems don’t seem very good, so I was thinking it would be interesting to understand more about how this superhero RPG system worked.

What system was this?