While inside of the *Rope Trick* space, can plane-bound abilities access the plane from which it was entered?

My character, as of the end of our last session, is located inside the “extradimensional space” created by Rope Trick. He has previously cast Soul Cage and would like to exploit the trapped soul using Eyes of the Dead, which “which creates an invisible sensor somewhere in [a] place if it is on the plane of existence you’re currently on” to see what is happening in the large room* in which Rope Trick was cast.

Is this possible? Or is the Prime Material Plane (where we were located previous to entering the Rope Trick space) considered to be a separate plane from the extradimensional space we currently inhabit?

*: the opening for Rope Trick was placed just 5′ off the ground so we are not able to see very much through the window in the bottom of the space.