While using Cloudflare CDN can I use WP Super Cache plugin or should I use Cloudflare plugin?

So, I have WP website that I use mainly as a Portfolio page. Though I use CPTs, ACF, Custom Post Templates, dynamic conditions, etc., I figured it would be nice to use a CDN to speed things up. I don’t use normal posts nor comments (as bloggers do) so I don’t really need my files to be updated regularly.

The cache plugin I’m using is "WP Super Cache", already configured with "CDN support" enabled and "Cache HTTP headers with page content" option disabled since it gives me problems (when enabled, pages like GTmetrix or PageSpeed Insights fail to test my website).

My CDN is Cloudflare, which I’ve already configured and added rules to store and serve static files of all the content within the folder "/wp-content/uploads/*" (Browser Cache TTL: a year, Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: a month).

One thing I would like to do is to add a page rule to cache everything inside "/wp-content/*" so that it also serves cached versions of all the coding (which lies outside the "uploads" folder). But it seems, as I’ve read, that it would cause problems when inside WordPress editing my site.

Is there a problem if I use a cache plugin and a CDN? Is there a workaround using WP Super Cache exclude options from within the CDN support tab? Or should I uninstall WP Super Cache and maybe try the Cloudflare WordPress plugin called "WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache" ?