Why am I apparently the only one who would VASTLY prefer polishing the existing product instead of adding more features? [closed]

Take PostgreSQL as just one example out of countless. It’s more than “mature” now. Yet the upgrade process is a painful ordeal which makes me upgrade once every few years instead of months. It really is that annoying.

In each release, they have a bunch of new features, meaning just more and more stuff I will never use. I don’t even currently use 99% of the features which have existed for 20+ years. Yet more and more is added all the time.

But at the same time, they don’t seem to care at all about things which are worth a trillion times the value of any new feature: smooth installing, upgrading and self-configuring in terms of performance-related directives. That last part might be the most difficult to accomplish, but would be worth it for me that not one single feature is developed for 10 years until this have figured this out.

Is new features the only way they feel satisfaction? I don’t understand it. If there is one thing that gives me pleasure with my own code and projects, it’s to improve and streamline the existing, sub-par solution/code. I almost wonder if I psychologically make it worse from the start just because I love improving it so much… But clearly, that’s not the case for most other people? They just want to pile on more and more features of very dubious use while the basics of the product are neglected.

It really makes me scratch my head, especially for a project like PostgreSQL which doesn’t need to print huge bullet points on shiny boxes which are standing in a store for people to notice and want to buy it… since it’s open source and free of charge.

I’m confused.