Why browsing cube returns no rows?

I am trying to create a cube in Visual Studio 2019 using two dimensions and one measure, after having defined the datasource and tested over the view that the data is loaded into the project, and after setting the dimensions and the measure to use both at the cube structure as well as the dimension usage levels/tabs (which i suspect i did an error defining relationships in the latter) the cube could be processed and deployed, but when i query over it (using the browser) it simply returns nothing and shows NULL under the measure label i specified.

PS : the deployment required that i skipped the not found key (by specifying ignore the error) in the dimension key errors tab in the advanced settings otherwise it will show error could not process the group of measures properly (i also don’t know why i should do this and how to process the cube succesfully without doing that)

My question is how to get through this and define the relationship between the measure and the dimension at the following interface Cube Relationship Interface (Dimension Usage Tab)(given solely as an example) ?