Why can not I get any row in a MySQL query from SQL Server?

The problem I have is that I can not visualize any row with the following query:


The query did not show any error except that it did not throw me any lines either. The consulted view found in MySQL is the following:

create vista vw_bd_date as SELECT `information_schema`.`TABLES`.`TABLE_SCHEMA` AS `base_de_datos`,MIN(`information_schema`.`TABLES`.`CREATE_TIME`) AS `FECHA_CREACION`  FROM `information_schema`.`TABLES`  WHERE ((`information_schema`.`TABLES`.`TABLE_SCHEMA` NOT IN ('information_schema','sys','mysql','performance_schema','test','test\_%'))  AND (`information_schema`.`TABLES`.`DATA_LENGTH` IS NOT NULL) AND (`information_schema`.`TABLES`.`INDEX_LENGTH` IS NOT NULL))  GROUP BY `information_schema`.`TABLES`.`TABLE_SCHEMA` 

This is the use in a much larger query where I do the join with other views to perform a database inventory, but also as commented, the fields in this particular view throw me NULL.

We tried to do all kinds of cast without success.

Any idea would be very helpful.

Thank you