Why do trolls’ posts keep getting promoted and upvoted while truth-saying posts are deleted?

Yesterday, I asked this question: How can Tutanota, ProtonMail and Hushmail all claim to provide privacy when they only allow privacy-incompatible payment options?

It’s now been "closed" as "off-topic", even though it couldn’t possibly be more on-topic. Anyway, that is something I’ve come to expect from Stack Exchange and is not the real point of this question.

What I don’t understand is why an (apparent) troll’s post, which lies about ProtonMail accepting Bitcoin, gets to stay, and is even upvoted, when the reply I posted, with a screenshot showing that ProtonMail does NOT support Bitcoin, was deleted. That post and screenshot is just entirely gone. Vanished. As if it never was posted at all.

ProtonMail does not support Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not an option to pick from when registering an account — only "pay card" and "PayPal". The fact that they allow Bitcoin payments after you have already compromised yourself by using their privacy-incompatible payment options is like saying:

Sure, you can have a cookie… but only after we’ve shot you in the head!

You get my point? It’s absurd of them to claim to support Bitcoin payments when they literally don’t. What point would there be to start using Bitcoin (and their .onion site, which just redirects to protonmail.com for the registration form) after you’ve already entered all your personal information and tied the account to your real-life identity? The same of course goes for PayPal (the less commented on them, the better).

This is not the first time I see this kind of behaviour on this site. It seems to be patrolled by people who violently defend companies’ lies and privacy violations, and censor anyone questioning it. I hope such is not the case, but considering how difficult it is to get an answer to anything these days, or even to have your question stay up and not get "closed" or deleted outright, it’s difficult to draw any other reasonable conclusion.