Why exactly is programming, and programming only, seen as a worthless skill that “anyone can learn”?

You never hear anyone claim that everyone can or should be bridge engineers, or deal with air planes, or stuff related to space, or surgery, or any other critical and highly complex profession/task.

Yet there isn’t one day without what passes for “tech news” these days pushing another “AI code generation” tool or “coding boot camp”. Programming is apparently seen as mindless mashing of keys on a keyboard, instead of the highly complicated engineering task that it is, where 99.99% of the work is in your brain and only the last 0.01% is actually typing in code.

I must say that, unlike for most things, I don’t even have a controversial explanation to this. The “ones in power” want to dumb the masses down, so aggressively having them do programming makes zero sense. If their goal is to kill the entire concept of programming, they are well on their way, with most websites and any kind of software already being so broken that one might as well start over from scratch at this point, with entirely new computers, operating systems and software…

It doesn’t make any sense to me that they are trying to push this. They cannot themselves be stupid enough to believe that the average person is ever going to program anything of any value, just like Joe Sixpack will never perform critical brain surgery or come up with the algorithms for the manned Mars mission.

So why have the masses believe that programming is like sitting at a counter? What possible benefit could come from this? Even rich people, to the best of my knowledge, still have to use the same OSes and (to a large extent) software. Surely they don’t want what they are using to be insecure, broken garbage? Or do “the 1%” have entirely dedicated hardware and software?