Why must I choose my name from a list?

I am very new to DW, so I’m just learning the philosophy of game-play and creation.

Why do the rules require me to choose my character name from a list – and a short list at that?

I understand that, if we don’t like the rule as a group we can dispense with it, but the general wisdom (here on SE) seems to be that we agree as a team that it’s all right for me to choose my own name.

My question is not ‘Can I choose my own name’…

My question is: ‘Am I missing something about the mindset about DW that there is a good reason why this is a rule in the first place?’

(Possible answer? A common scenario of starting a game is to create characters on-the-fly at the table. OK, a pre-set list would speed up creation, sure. But surely, the name requirements ought to have ‘… or choose you own.’)