Will enabling Popularity Tends inside our enterprise wiki site collection allow us to view most viewed/popular wiki pages

I have an enterprise wiki site collection inside our sharepoint on-premises 2013. the enterprise wiki contain around 3,000 wiki pages. and i want a way to generate a report which display the most populate wiki pages. now when i access my wiki pages library >> i did not find any “Popularity Trend” icon. and i think this is due to the fact that our Enterprise wiki does not have these 2 site collection features enabled:-

  1. Reporting
  2. Cross-Site Collection Publishing

now to test if the popularity trends will satisfy my needs >> I created a new test Enterprise wiki site collection >> i enabled the above 2 site collection features >> where i got a “Popularity trend” for each page and for the site collection.. but i did not find a way which can allow me to get the most populate wiki pages (i am not sure how sharepoint should calculate most popular wiki page, by total number of views or recent views..).. so can anyone advice on this? as i do not want to enable the above 2 site collection features on our live site collection, if the build-in Popularity trends will not be able to show the most popular wiki pages among the 3,000 wiki pages we have.

second point, will there be any harm if i enable the above 2 site collection features on our live site collection? and test things over,, and to disable the features afterward? or this is not advisable, keeping in mind that we have 3,000 wiki ages already created while the above 2 site collection features were disabled.

Thanks in advance for any help. Regards