Will it be a significant disadvantage to play a tiny character?

I’m looking to play in my first Starfinders game, and am delighted by the variety of races available. My inclination is to play a Raxilite Biohacker. I’m very familiar with Pathfinder but just starting to learn about Starfinder.

Raxilites are Tiny, but their LFAN counts as a single Medium sized arm (in addition to my two Tiny arms). I see that Tiny doesn’t change To Hit, Damage Dice, AC, Stealth. What it does do is

  • Help with getting into small spaces, and perhaps give better cover options (sounds somewhat helpful),
  • Eliminate my reach (not a biggie for a ranged character) and
  • Require me to buy Tiny weapons–which cost 2x as much as Small/Medium/Large/Huge weapons, as per:

    Weapons are built to be easily held and used by both Small and Medium creatures. Weapons can be built for use by smaller creatures but generally cost twice as much (since they require special miniaturization technology).

In practice, I assume that means over time I’ll choose between:

  1. Using a (Medium-sized) Small Arm, or
  2. Paying 2x for a (Tiny) rifle

It’s fine if my character idea isn’t totally optimized…but I’m a bit nervous that I don’t know just how big a disadvantage this will be over time. (How do Small Arms compare over time with sniper and longarms? How big a hit to Wealth By Level to pay 2x for any longarm or sniper rifle? Are there significant advantages I’m missing to being Tiny in Starfinder, that might make up for the penalties?)