Will URL parameters affect SEO of blog posts

I have written some simple js/php that adds WordPress taxonomies and categories of posts to the urls of blog posts so that we can search in google analytics which posts with matching taxonomies are performing better.

Before I put this live though I would like to know how and if this will effect ranking of those posts. I have tried online but so far i am struggling to find an answer.

example of the URL pre and post URL params

  • https://example.com/collaboration/how-to-activate-teams-together-mode/
  • https://example.com/collaboration/how-to-activate-teams-together-mode/?cat=Team%20Collaboration&brands=Microsoft&region=EMEAAmericasAPAC

Added information thanks to Stephen : The parameters are always consistent. I am doing a pushState refresh to add the url parameters so the page refreshes with the parameters. The posts will always have the parameters. The canonical tag is the original url.