Windows: Have a dedicated MS Visual C/C++ toolchain

For a CI system and the developers in our team, I’d like to be able to use a specific version of a MSVC toolchain for native Windows builds.

The goal is to have a well-defined consistent build-environment for all developers and for the the CI system, so that we know what toolchain was used to build a SW.

Afaik, the MSVC compilers on Windows are installed with MS Visual Studio, and which version one uses probably depends on the version of Visual Studio and maybe the Windows version (7/8/10…).

On a Linux system, such a dedicated toolchain is typically provided as an archive and put under /opt, so it does not get affected due to system upgrades or the general Linux version/distribution (as opposed to /usr/bin/g++ et. al.)

  • How can I achieve this on Windows systems?
  • And is a Windows-docker-container an option or maybe the only option?