Wine 4.01/Winetricks 0.0+20180217-1 from Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Software App Problem

Be patient here, please. Thanks. Big paragraph. I installed Wine 4.0.1 and Winetricks 0.0+20180217-1 from the Ubuntu “Software” app. When I run winetricks to install Windows DLLs and Applications, things get weird. I originally checked several .NET versions for installation. The process works fine, except that I got a notification on .NET 2.1 SP1 that it basically is older than the installed SP2 version and it aborts the install and says I can basically “force” it if desired with a command. OK. I get it. Now… Winetricks had other .NET versions to install but it auto-closed after that incident when i selected “OK.” Whenever I select higher versions to install, it still keeps going back to trying to install .NET 2.0 SP1 as well, even though its box is unchecked. Now… I continue to go back in and add newer .NET versions, and it says 4.0 (not SP2) was not compatible with Wine so I hit cancel while it installs it anyway and it tries again a second time. I hit cancel again and Winetricks closes without installing any other “checked”.NET versions. So I cannot add 4.1 or higher because it still keeps trying the 4.0 first, which leads to Winetricks closing on me after I cancel the 4.0 install. If it remembers previous choices, installed or not, and tries them again when started, checked or not, I don’t think that a silent install will work if you were thinking that way. Any ideas why it remembers those old checked boxes whether you uncheck or not? I’d like to add some of the .NET versions 4.1 and higher but it seems to try 4.0 first no matter what I do. It would have also attempted 2.1 SP1 again but it doesn’t get that far.

Summary: Winetricks still attempts installs on previously checked boxes when they are now unchecked so it prevents other versions from getting to the installation step.

Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 64-bit Gnome 3.28.2 Wine 4 Winetricks 0.0