Witch Character Concept [closed]

I am going to be playing in a Tomb of Annihilation game and I wanted to play a kind of witch/shaman native of Chult. How would you go about doing this? What I kind of have in mind is a Tiefling (rebranded as a witch human) Druid/Warlock. The reason I chose tiefling is I’d like the witch to have some sort of innate magic, as well as resistance to fire (and I later plan to take Infernal Constitution from XGtE for other resistances as well) My leveling would be something like Lock 8 Druid 3 at the end. Do you have any other suggestions? If not, what spells would you use for a witch?

To clarify, what I am looking for is a sort of creepy shaman from the jungle, who the tribes folk would go to for healing or to hire to curse an enemy. Think Calypso from Pirates of the Caribbean.