WordPress page as a landing page on another domain

I have a website xyz.com which is built with WordPress. I also have a domain abc.com which has no content at the moment. I would like to create a standard WordPress page on xyz.com , for example xyz.com/landing , that would serve as a homepage on abc.com , but it would not reveal that it is even connected to xyz.com (no branding or links). The end result would be:

  1. xyz.com/landing -> exists in xyz.com WordPress admin, but is excluded from xyz.com site map (not indexed for xyz.com)
  2. abc.com -> users see the content of xyz.com/landing , but the url is still abc.com .

I do not want to use multisite with separate WP panel and database, and also I do not want to use redirects from abc.com to xyz.com/landing (user should stay at abc.com). Also, the result should be responsive, so iframe might not be the best way.

Is it doable? If yes, what is a solution?