WordPress redirect from URL with BuddyPress

I am using the plugin BuddyPress on my WordPress site and when the user clicks on their profile they are redirected to the URL "/members/USERNAME/profile/home/". However, I do not want this page to be there and so I would like the profile ‘landing’ page to be the URL "/members/USERNAME/activity/".

I am not experienced with WordPress or PHP but I attempted to code a redirect for this when the user ends up on the ‘home’ page which is placed within my BuddyPress members/single/home.php file within my child theme:

$  redirect_url_home = get_home_url(); $  redirect_url_home_tt = $  redirect_url_home; $  username_redirect_tt = wp_get_current_user(); $  new_redirect_slug = "'/members/'.$  username_redirect_tt->user_login.'/activity/'"; $  redirect_url_home_tt. = $  new_redirect_slug; echo($  redirect_url_home_tt); wp_safe_redirect( $  redirect_url_home_tt ); 

This code doesn’t work but that was my thinking of how to solve my problem and I’m sure there is an easier/nicer way to do what I would like, maybe even without a coded redirect and within BuddyPress itself? I have tried using their forum/documentation for answers but haven’t had a reply or found anything useful.

As I say I have no experience with this sort of stuff so any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, to add, I cannot link the site as it is currently on a localhost.