WotC Product Identity and Design

I have a simple question, at least simple for people who understand legalities better than me. The way I understand the OGL and SRD, is that you can use anything from within and sell it without restrictions. That is, without using anything listed under product identity. And this is as simplified as it gets in my head.

For example, a Lizardfolk can be used since the monster is in the SRD, but a Lizardfolk Shaman cannot, since he isn’t. That much is clear. The question comes now for the design.

I am glad that things like 5e LaTeX and GM Binder exist. But can one really make his documents look exactly like the WotC ones? Like the red splatter on the cover or the fonts inside? Are these things not product identity?

Another question is about copying material from the SRD. Can one, let’s say, write a campaign setting that complies with the SRD, and include inside this campaign setting some magic items or monsters from the SRD? And by include I mean full text, one to one matching. The artwork can be different.

Thanks in advance for any possible answers.