Would re-seeding the InstanceID column of sys.jobhistory table create issues?

I have two Production servers, one active, one passive. On the active server, application specific jobs are enabled and run all the time. Jobs on the passive server do not run.

On a regular schedule, we fail over between the servers to test our fail over process. Once done, we remain on the "new" server until the next scheduled fail over.

We have a custom service built that logs job statuses to splunk utilizing the InstanceID from sys.jobhistory. Problem is, when we fail over, the InstanceID on the passive node is MUCH smaller than the active one, and the service is checking for "max(InstanceID)" to know what record in history to begin pulling data from. My questions is around reseeding the identity column in sys.jobhistory as part of the fail over process to be max(id) from prod server + 1. In theory this should work, but I’m concerned with any potential issues.