Would Ubuntu work with my hardware

I have a 2000 HP pavilion notebook and was looking into installing Ubuntu i have live booted Ubuntu before so i had a USB with it installed so i tested it out on this laptop it booted just fine and worked for my mouse and keyboard along with my speakers and network card and the microphone as far as i can tell it worked just like my normal operating system does for this laptop ( Windows 8 ) So i don’t think i would have any software related issues however i was wondering if i could install the latest version of Ubuntu on this laptop and if the built in HP recovery manager will work still I am not dual booting ( Replacing Windows 8 with Ubuntu ) i have experience with the Ubuntu installer since i have installed Ubuntu on many virtual machines in the past but never on a HP system. To be clear i did not mean dual booting was replacing Windows 8 with Ubuntu i meant that i was replacing my only operating system with another one making it a one operating system setup