$wp_customize – How can I add link to images?

I’m trying to add links to images on customize. Images, OK, but links, I did not find any reference, only this information on Codex. The code below is working (only for images). Help please 🙂

“Since WordPress 4.0, input types such as ’email’, ‘url’, ‘number’, ‘hidden’ and ‘date’ are supported implicitly as variations of the ‘text’ input type.”

$  wp_customize->add_setting( 'set_adsblog', array(     'default'   => '', ));  $  wp_customize->add_control( new wp_customize_cropped_image_control($  wp_customize, 'insert_ads_2',       array(         'label' => 'Imagem Ads',         'width' => 245,         'height'=> 175,         'section'=>'sec_adsfooter',         'settings' =>'set_adsfooter'     ) ));