WP_User_Query combining role and ids

I would like to get array of all authors (except few), add several admins to it (by ids) and order the array by user names. But I can’t find the way how to make it in one WP_User_Query.

When I called those two subqueries separately and put the results together by array_merge(), it was ok, but I need to order them by name, which was not possible in that way…

So right now I am trying something like this, but it gets me all the users. What I am doing wrong?

$  args = array(     'orderby'  => 'display_name',     'order'    => 'ASC',     array(         'relation' => 'OR',         array(             'role' =>   'author',             'exclude' => array(36, 41)         ),         array(             'include' => array(23, 45),         )     ) );