write mistake bash_profile

I am a beginner of GCE, I want to install Scala on Google Cloud Shell, so I first install the brew, however when I added the brew path to bash_profile, I did a mistake.

First of All, I downloaded the brew. Then I wanted to add bew path so I created a bash_profile under the root using vi ~/.bash_profile Then I wrote the following lines in that file:

export PATH="/home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin:$  PATH" source ~/.bash_profile 

Now, I know I need to type “source ~/.bash_profile” in prompt not in the bash_profile. But at that time I didn’t notice that, and I saved the file, after that, I can no longer open the google cloud shell, it always shows the following infor´╝Ü

It said that Cloud Shell session closed before the initial prompt displayed, I can only access could shell in safe mode, cannot access the normal could shell using the button enter image description here, does anyone have ideas about how to solve this problem? Thank you in advance for your help!