Yoast not recognizing custom post type slug and I can’t change archive page title

I am using CPT UI and I have a custom post type "interview" and had the archive slug set to default which would be /interview/. Yoast was working fine but then I updated the archive slug to /interviews/ and my page title no longer works. It now shows "Blog | [site name]". My Yoast settings are still correct for that custom post type archive page.

I’ve tried manually rewriting it with:

    add_filter('wpseo_title', 'filter_product_wpseo_title'); function filter_product_wpseo_title($  title) {     if(  is_post_type_archive('interview') ) {            $  title = 'Interviews';     }     return $  title; } 

but it doesn’t work. Any ideas? How can I force a change in a page template or make Yoast work?