Zoom API error – Only available for enabled v2 webhooks

I have installed ZoomApi module and also created app in marketplace with JWT.

When I am going to webhook page, Its giving error:-

ZoomAPI\Exception\ApiException: [400] Error handling response. [200] (Only available for enabled v2 webhooks.)

And when I am checking response in marketplace under JWT app in API Call Logs, Its giving following response:-

 {   "endpoint": "https://api.zoom.us/v2/webhooks",   "response_headers": [   "Set-Cookie: _zm_mtk_guid=b25b09a3349e4c4ca769c5800091fe6e;    Domain=.zoom.us; Expires=Wed, 11-Jun-2087 15:39:49 GMT; Path=/; Secure"   ],   "date_time": "2019-05-25 00:25:42",   "method": "GET",   "request_body": "N/A",   "response": {   "code": 200,   "message": "Only available for enabled v2 webhooks."   },  "request_headers": [  "accept: application/json",  "authorization: ******",  "connection: close",  "content-type: application/json",  "user-agent: GuzzleHttp/6.3.3 curl/7.47.0 PHP/7.0.33-  5+ubuntu16.04.1+deb.sury.org+1"   ],  "request_params": [  "page_number: 1",  "page_size: 300"   ],  "http_status": "400"   }