Read Only problems with shared Data Drive after Win 10 upgrade

I have Win 10, UbuntuMate, and Deepin plus a partition called Data on my machine.

I recently upgraded Win 10 because it asked me to. Now I cannot access my Data drive with write permission on Linux OS’s on my machine.

To test whether anything I did was successful, I right click in Caja and see if I can create a folder.. is grey

I have tried:

shift + shutdown (Usually works for c-drive r+w problems)

Changing permissions to full control in Windows

Changing sharing to everyone in Windows

Google Adds Breadcrumb Structured Data To Search Console Enhancement Report

I got a errors notice in my email this am for one of the sites I look after regarding this:


Google added another report this week to Google Search Console’s enhancement report section. The new report shows you about structured data errors, warnings and success specifically with breadcrumb structured data….

Google Adds Breadcrumb Structured Data To Search Console Enhancement Report
Sep 20, 2019

But when I looked the problem is against good web design practices.

There is an old good web design practice to not include a live link in your navigation for the current page the person is on.

Home > Category Name > Sub Category Name > Product Name

The first 3 parts of this breadcrumb trail would be clickable so the person can see where they are in the site structure and go back if necessary without using the back button. The last part (Product Name) is not clickable for usability and good practices reasons but Google wants it clickable.

So who wins? Google or good usability/practices?

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Relevance of data races in sequentially consistent languages?

In (e.g.) Java we have the promise that if there are no data races in our program, then the program will execute as if sequential consistency was offered by the language. This means that data races are important in Java.

But are data races important also in languages that offer sequential consistency for all programs? If so, why? And what definition of data races makes sense for such languages? As far as I can tell, Java’s definition of data races does not make sense in a language that offers sequential consistency for all programs, as there would be no non-synchronized reads or writes in the Java sense in such language?

How to log/view remote calls/queries to DB in Toad Data Point?

I am running an Apache Sqoop job from a local computer against an Oracle DB that we connect to via a virtual tunnel and find that for certain large sqoop jobs, the process hangs after a certain X% completed. I would like to see exactly what queries are being sent to and read by the DB on Toad Data Point (the UI we normally use to manually run queries against the remote DB). Does anyone know how to do this?

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Basic question about graph data structures and organization mapping

My team at work is trying to build “maps” of key decision-makers at potential clients. We want to be able to store these maps in some kind of easy-to-use form – such as an Excel spreadsheet (since the rest of my team doesn’t know any programming, and I only know some Python/Java) – and then easily convert these maps into visual graphs (like the data structure, not just Excel charts). There are basically two problems here: (1) How can I store data about an organization’s structure in an easy, non-technical way? and (2) How can I take that data and easily turn it into a visual graph?

My initial approach is to store the information to go into each map in an Excel spreadsheet, and store the data like a table. Then, using some kind of simple Python program, we can take the Excel tables and convert them into visual graphs. But I’m sure there’s a more elegant way of doing this.

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¿Cuál es la manera correcta de exportar la propiedad “data” de un component Children a un component Parent?

Pues resulta que estaba haciendo una to-do list típica en Vue para aprender un poco lo básico de como funciona y empecé a hacerla en Codepen pero pronto decidí hacerla en mi propio pc con vue cli.

En concreto mi problema se trata de una funcionalidad v-model de un input y dos v-if de un <h2> no están funcionado. Con los mismos datos en mi proyecto de vue cli no me funciona, y en el codepen si. Creo que es un error de exportar la propiedad data, que es donde se encuentran los mensajes que deben aparecer condicionalmente en los :

// componente "PreTodo.vue"  <template>     <div>     // Si el mensaje_af está vacío imprime el mensaje_be, sino está vacio (si se está escribiendo en el input) entonces imprime el mensaje_af + "To-Do Lista":     <h2 v-if="mensaje_af === ''">{{mensaje_be}}</h2>     <h2 v-if="mensaje_af !== ''">{{mensaje_af + " To-Do Lista"}}</h2>     // Este input Escucha e imprime lo que esté en el mensaje_af:     <input v-model="mensaje_af" type="text" /><button>CREATE</button>     </div> </template>  <script> export default {     name: "PreTodo",     data: {         mensaje_be: "Da Nombre a tu To-Do",         mensaje_af: "",     } } </script>

<template>   <div id="app">       <section class="hero is-warning is-fullheight">         <!-- Container del Centro .start-->         <div class="hero-body">           <div class="container">             <PreTodo />             <Todo />           </div>         </div>         <!-- Container del Centro .end -->          <div class="hero-foot">             <p>Somebody M.A.D.E. this</p>           </div>                  </section>   </div> </template>  <script> import PreTodo from './components/PreTodo' import Todo from "./components/Todo" // Debo importar aquí la propiedad data del componente PreTodo aquí abajo?: export default {   name: 'app',   components: {       PreTodo,       Todo   } } </script>

Lo que me aparece en la pantalla es lo siguiente:

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

Además por supuesto, una vez que empiezo a escribir en el input no se actualiza el mensaje en el <h2> al contrario que en el codepen que si lo hace.

Este es el repo onlien donde si funciona bien: