Can Mathematica factor multivariate polynomials with 4 or more variables? And with high degrees (>10)

The Mathematica documentation clearly states

the Wolfram Language routinely factors degree-100 polynomials in 3 variables

I’m interested in factoring systems of polynomials in as many as 10 or 20 variables. The systems I have are sparse in the sense that if there are 20 variables then likely no more than 3-6 variables will appear per equation and there will likely only be two terms per equation. I’ve used Solve to test on some small systems with success. To be clear, we don’t actually need to factor the polynomials necessarily. If we factor them, then we have what we need. What we really want are the roots to the system with respect to the symbolic coefficients. Solve worked for some small test systems. Factor would also work for a single polynomial, but we need a system of polynomials and I don’t see that Factor will take a system.

I’ve looked at papers by searching and it seems our problem is a solved problem in mathematics. Algorithms seem to exist for such a problem, but I’m even unclear on this since the papers are too densely packed with math for me to easily understand.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Purchasing a high Domain Rating domain for a 301 redirect

I’m considering purchasing a domain that has a high Domain Rating (78) by ahrefs (

The domain is a good domain in terms of not just its domain rating but also its name. It’s short, and has good keywords in it.

The domain was owned by a company which does essentially what my company does. The competitor’s company went out of business a few months ago.They were a much larger and much more successful company than mine at this point. I’m just starting out with sales.

I am considering purchasing the domain but it is quite expensive. If I were to purchase the domain, I would want to make sure I could turn the positive aspects of this domain into something positive for my business.

My intention was to do a 301 redirect, but I’m not sure how that will help me. I don’t want to assume the other company’s name, I just want to point potential visitors to MY company’s domain and also am hoping to catch a bump in authority or rating myself. That said, I’m not sure that is how that works.

Is it possible to do what I mentioned above and have it be of significant value to my company?

Do you have any other suggestions or alternative angles to best benefit from the purchase of a domain like I’ve described above.

Box2d: High screen resolution / frequency causes high friction?

I’m using Cocos Creator with (built-in) box2d for physics.

Recently our game behaves weirdly on our new device Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G – which has screen size = 1440 x 3200 – frequency = 120Hz.

After stop pushing, all our physical bodies almost stop immediately like they has very high friction. No other device react that way.

Anyone experienced this issue can give me an advice?

High risk business Payment Processor

Hello, I started first with using PayPal, then it got disabled permanently.. then I moved onto stripe which also is now disabled about 2 weeks ago.
This is because they consider my business type "high risk". Is there any good payment processors for this, which support high risk business & what I sell?
And preferably with an integration to prestashop as its what I use for managing my website.

I am reselling mod menus/cheat/hack for GTA 5.